[ Beer Tasting Event ] Fuller’s Brewery 富樂英式啤酒 (中/英)

[ Beer Tasting Event ] Fuller’s Brewery 富樂英式啤酒 (中/英)

We had a beer tasting event at TaiChung’s Malt Share. This time’s beers were from Fuller’s.

我們這次在Malt Share 辦了富樂英式啤酒品酒會。

About Fuller’s 有關富樂

Fuller’s is an English brewery founded in 1845 in London. It is located close to the famous Thames River and uses the water for brewing.


2017-04-16 14.14.16

English vs US Ale

Compared to the US ales, English ales have lighter body. The fragrance is less fruity and more flowery. More elegant rather than punching you in the face.


2017-04-16 16.15.48

Beer Tasted 酒款

London Pride 英倫經典

2017-04-16 14.40.12

A class English ale, pure malty without too much other fragrance.


Honey Dew 蜂蜜啤酒

2017-04-16 14.58.59

Fuller’s ESB (Extra Special Bitter) 英式苦啤

2017-04-16 15.07.31

ESB is by no mean as bitter as IPA. It’s slightly bitter than London Pride. What’s awesome about this beer was the malty sweetness and bitterness came at different time in your mouth.


Bengal Lancer IPA 騎兵隊IPA

2017-04-16 15.14.10

English style IPA. Less citrusy and more floral.


London Porter 波特

2017-04-16 15.19.19

1845 酒廠紀念款

2017-04-16 15.28.45

Golden Pride 金色經典

2017-04-16 15.27.35

A sweeter and stronger body ale.


Past Masters 經典大師

2017-04-16 15.44.24

This series reuse the recipes from good old time. This one was an oatmeal porter.


2017-04-16 16.24.53

2014 Vintage Ale 年度精選啤酒

2017-04-16 15.57.48

A stronger body ale like Golden Pride. I really like it.


Imperial Stout 帝王司陶得

2017-04-16 16.05.51

A very unique imperial stout that it did not have the normal ash/coffee fragrance as well as the strong sourness of a typical stout. Very fruity and sweet.

非常特別的帝王司陶得: 它並沒有一般司陶得的灰燼/咖啡香和強烈酸味。非常如水果般香甜。

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