[Road to MTB] First Mountain Bike Ride @ Sea Otter Classic

[Road to MTB] First Mountain Bike Ride @ Sea Otter Classic

First Mountain Bike Ride

Partially due to work and partially due to my desire to try out new stuff, at Sea Otter Classic I did my ever first mountain bike ride with my colleagues at trails around the raceway Laguna Seca.

2017-04-20 18.03.16

Seeing the raceway below.

The mountain bike I used was borrowed from Pivot Cycles. It was an enduro type bike with front and back suspensions, using Maxxis Tires.

2017-04-20 19.48.17

Some swag bikes.

2017-04-20 19.48.35

The route we did more or less followed the Trail 47 below:

Trail 47 on Trailforks.com

2017-04-20 18.03.42

The fenced event race trail.

2017-04-20 18.03.54-1

Overseeing Laguna Seca.

2017-04-21 07.48.50

2017-04-21 07.48.13

Ride buddies.

Unlike road cycling where you stay on roads with more civilized things on your sides, for mountain bike rides you really go into the mountains with stunning natural views.

2017-04-20 18.30.15

2017-04-21 07.47.41

2017-04-20 18.30.41

Beautiful grass fields on hills.

2017-04-20 18.36.11

2017-04-20 18.36.33

For mountain bike riding, the hill can be even more steeper, thus required smaller front gears.

2017-04-20 18.40.07

The trail through grass fields.

2017-04-20 18.40.09

2017-04-20 18.51.48

Later afternoon shadows on hills.

2017-04-20 18.59.26

2017-04-20 18.59.47

2017-04-20 19.02.43-1

2017-04-20 19.02.51

2017-04-20 19.04.31

2017-04-20 19.04.42

2017-04-20 19.04.46

After having fun on the trail, we did a bit climb up to Laguna Seca’s famous “Corkscrew” Turn 8 and had fun racing down the turn.

2017-04-20 19.19.18

See all these track marks on the raceway!

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