[Gotta Ride Them All!] Specialized Taiwan Route Word Cloud Bottle 台灣騎車路線字雲水壺

[Gotta Ride Them All!] Specialized Taiwan Route Word Cloud Bottle 台灣騎車路線字雲水壺

Cycling water bottles need to be changed once for a while because of plastic degradation and microorganism development.

Take a moment and smell your water bottle. If it smelled funny it’s time to change. My water bottle even developed “minty” scent 🙂

Recently I went to Specialized’s Taichung store to replace my smelly water bottle and found this cool product. It’s a 750ml Purist bottle (bottle with special coating technology to delay bad odor development) with many popular Taiwan bike routes arranged into a text word cloud.

Specialized Taiwan routes bottle

Besides using it for drinking, a great usage I found is to discover new routes and — cross them out when you conquer the routes.

Specialized Taiwan routes bottle

You can see some of the routes have been killed and crossed out.

It’s a great way to show off how bad-ass you are while cycling — pull out this water bottle and intimidate other cycling fellas:


To be fair I want to comment about the routes listed on the bottle:

  • The routes are mostly climbing routes. Many great routes with less climbing are not on the list, like the Kenting Route.
  • Usually in a word cloud the size of the text indicates the popularity of this text. Here I think the text sizes are not entirely based on cycling, but also include other way of travels (motorcycles, cars and buses). For example I don’t think “AliShan (阿里山)” is that popular among cyclists to deserve such a big text size.
  • There is “North-South bias” in the word cloud: listed routes are biased toward locations near Taipei and Kaohsiung, two biggest cities in Taiwan. Many great and challenging routes in rural Taiwan are not on list, like #136 near Taichung and SunLink Sea in Nantou.

Specialized’s Taichung store is a great store in Taichung with higher quality bike gears. Although the prices are higher, the gears here have really good quality and never disappoint me.)

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