[He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named] Nøgne ø’s German Pale Ale

[He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named] Nøgne ø’s German Pale Ale

In the food world there is one thing called Protected Geographical Status laws that states only food products produced from a certain region is allowed to use a certain name. The  German ale beer Kölsch is one of them.

Kölsch is an ale style traditionally brewed near the Cologne area. As an ale it is top fermented in higher temperature and conditioned at lower temperature.

Beer kolsh fruh

The traditional Kölsch

To me Kölsch is a wonderful beer that has dual characteristics of ale and lager. For fragrance it has lager’s spice/earth as well as fruit/floral scent, and for taste it has the usual pure malty and bitter lager taste balanced with little fruity acid and sweet.

Here we enjoy one Kölsch styled beer from the great Norwegian brewery Nøgne ø, the German Pale Ale.

Beer nogne



Light golden, little bit hazy. Large head.



  • Strength: mild.
  • Tobacco and spice
  • Yuzu, floral, honey.


  • Bubble-ness: A lot, zesty.
  • Flavor strength: mild.
  • Bitterness: mild but sharp.
  • Acid: medium.
  • Sweetness: mild.
  • Flavors: Tobacco, citrus.

Comparison with Früh Kölsch:

Stronger in fragrance, taste and bitterness. More fruity.