[ Great Taiwan Crafts! ] Taipei 23 Brewing Pub 台北23號精釀啤酒吧 (中/英)

[ Great Taiwan Crafts! ] Taipei 23 Brewing Pub 台北23號精釀啤酒吧 (中/英)

Taipei 23 Brewing Pub

Background 背景

23 Brewing is founded by two American founders Brett Tieman and Matt Inahat from US’s New York and San Diego. They have a taproom in Taipei’s DaAn (大安) District. I have tried their #23 IPA and sour before, so I was excited to finally have the chance to visit their bar.

23精釀由美國紐約和聖地亞哥的兩位美國創始人Brett Tieman和Matt Inahat創立。他們在台北的大安區設有自助餐廳。我試過他們的23號 IPA和酸啤,所以我很高興終於有機會拜訪他們的酒吧。

Taipei 23 Brewing Pub @ DaAn

2017-07-15 17.49.32

Nice little cozy bar.

2017-07-15 16.29.26-1

In their beer there were decent, not too many selections of their beers and from other breweries. Their lines of 23 Brewing beers were pretty complete, ranging from good old pale ale to stout, plus a sour.


2017-07-15 16.30.16

The ones with red stickers were their beers. 紅色貼紙的是他們的啤酒

2017-07-15 16.31.39

Also bottles available! 也有瓶裝!

As I’ve tried their pale ale and IPA before I chose their new one: Hipsters Don’t Drink IPA. A decently strong IPA (7%) with nice fresh pine flavor. Good choice if you were tired of fruity IPAs.


2017-07-15 16.33.34

Also nice head and golden color.

I also tried out another new beer, the raspberry sour. Nice simple sourness with hint of fruit.

我也嘗試了另一種新啤酒: 覆盆子酸啤。有簡單的酸味與水果背景。

2017-07-15 17.16.11

2017-07-15 17.37.53

2017-07-15 17.43.39

Overall Impression 整體印象

Overall I like the bar and the beers. The bar was simple yet nicely done, but most importantly 23 Brewing focuses on brewing good simple beers, rather than brewing “Taiwan ingredients added” crappy beers. Definitely recommend to give them a visit!


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