[Taiwan Bar Review] Taipei 啜飲室 ChuoYinShi

[Taiwan Bar Review] Taipei 啜飲室 ChuoYinShi


  • Location: Da’an District, Taipei
  • Huge amount of (20+) draft beer to choose from.
  • American style stand-and-lean drinking tables.
  • Beer on tap changed every 1-2 months.
  • Limited food choice.

Imagine you have over 20 draft beers to choose from. Furthermore, all these beers on tap are from different breweries. Welcome to ChuoYinShi (啜飲室).


Opened in 2014, ChuoYinShi and its parent company Taihu (臺虎精釀) joined the rising trend of making and importing craft beers in Taiwan. Starting from importing various craft beers all around the world, now they also have their own brewery in Taipei’s XiZhi (汐止).


The bar ChuoYinShi is located in the residential alleys north of ZhongXiao Fuxing MRT station. The store front is relatively conservative, without flashy signs. The side close to the road is entirely made with glass windows, thus taking advantage of natural lights and making the visitors feeling more spacious.


The design of the bar front is conservative yet intimate. Drinkers can easily interact with bartenders. There are amazingly huge amount of beer taps, over 20 of them, serving fresh beers. On top of the bar front is a long blackboard listing the beers on tap. Finally, beer menus are also available with more detailed descriptions of each beer.


There are only limited round tables with chairs. A large portion of the space in ChuoYinShi is occupied by big, high tables for people to gather around, lean on them, chat and drink beers. A typical American bar style.


About their beers. Most of the draft beers are from the United States, and they normally change their beers once every one/two months. Most draft beers are ales with some porter, with few lager, pilsner, and stout. There are wide variations of ales, from IPA, pale ales, red ales, brown ales, to fruit ales. Recently they also start selling their own Taiwanese craft beers.

To let drinkers enjoy many draft beers at once, ChouYinShi has sampling plate to select 5 draft beers, each with 200ml. Personally I think 200ml per glass/1L total is quite a large amount for a single person, and I recommend to share it with friends.


Five draft beers sampling plate, plus Lou Mei (滷味) on the left, and stuff I got from this year’s Maker Faire Taipei

The only downside about  ChouYinShi is the food. They only provide limited selection (2-3) of food to accompany the beers, and the one I got was not impressive. With so many restaurants nearby, one possible way to solve this is to collaborate with them.

Overall ChouYinShi is a great place to go for beer lovers. The huge selection of draft beers, the constant changing menus, and the bar space designs make ChouYinShi ideal for friends to go together and enjoy the art of craft beers.