[Taiwan Classics] First Taiwan Sour Beer?! 23 Brewing Co’s Islander Weisse

[Taiwan Classics] First Taiwan Sour Beer?! 23 Brewing Co’s Islander Weisse

Elite class people often think Taiwan is messy, unorganized, and chaotic: all those politicians fighting, protests, etc. The actual fact is that Taiwanese people are tough, smart, and therefore hard to control. What kind of craft beers will emerge in such a chaotic place of energy and creativity? Welcome The Islander Weisse, probably the Taiwan’s first sour wheat beer.


The Islander Weisse is created by 23 Brewing Company, by founders Brett Tieman and Matt Inahat from US’s New York and San Diego. They are famous for their #1 IPA, which is one that specifically tailors for Taiwanese’s taste of less-bitter India Pale Ale. The Islander Weisse, as the brewers describe on the label, is a Taiwan interpretation of traditional German wheat beer.

2016-07-07 19.17.29

The Islander Weisse pours with golden to yellow color, with little foam on top. Beside the smell of sourness, it has banana and very little grassy aroma.

When sipped there is very strong stinginess from the bubbles at first, then comes the sour flavor. The sourness is not too strong, with accompanying slight bitterness. There is very strong after wheat sweetness after taste. No hint of hop bitterness is present.

2016-07-07 19.22.53

This beer is suitable to drink fast like after a nice bicycle rides in the Summer day. When drink slowly I feel it is a bit watery, and the light sourness feel unsatisfied.