[ WW2 Get Drunk Strategy! ] Vancouver Brewery Hopping at Main St Part 1 溫哥華Main St跳啤酒廠戰術之一 (中/英)

[ WW2 Get Drunk Strategy! ] Vancouver Brewery Hopping at Main St Part 1 溫哥華Main St跳啤酒廠戰術之一 (中/英)

Visited Breweries of Vancouver Brewery Hopping at Main St 拜訪的啤酒廠:

Red Truck Beer Company

Brassneck Brewery

33 Acres Brewing Company

Main Street Brewing Co.

Why Vancouver Brewery Hopping at Main St? 為何在 Main St 拜訪啤酒廠?

The Main St region has the most brewery concentration in Vancouver. Hence you can easily visit many breweries here simply by walking.

因為在Main St您用步行就可訪問許多啤酒廠。

Logistics for Vancouver Brewery Hopping at Main St 交通資訊

SkyTrain 捷運

Besides Uber, the best transportation is to use SkyTrain and go to Main Street Skytrain Station. You can easily buy the day ticket at each station.

坐溫哥華的SkyTrain 到 Main St 站非常方便。

Luggage Storage 行李暫存

If you need to store your luggage, you can do so at Vancouver Airport. Again taking SkyTrain can get you there.


2017-08-10 16.26.11 HDR

Right after you left the station you were greeted by the cool sphere structure of the TELUS World of Science. Main St 站旁是圓形的TELUS World of Science科學中心。

2017-08-10 16.26.17

Cool waterfront. Here you can take the public boats to the famous Granville Island. 河邊可坐船到溫哥華有名的固蘭島市集。

Stop #1:Red Truck Beer Company

Our first stop of Vancouver Brewery Hopping at Main St was the Red Truck Beer Company. It was located somewhat on an industrial back road so be patient if you started to doubt where you were!

我們第一站是Red Truck Beer Company。酒廠在工業區內部所以要耐心走一段小路。

2017-08-10 16.41.54

Cool brewery front! 酷酒廠門口

2017-08-10 16.42.14

2017-08-10 16.42.27

Hip tower decoration.

2017-08-10 16.42.45

2017-08-10 16.42.47

2017-08-10 16.43.09

Wrench door handle. 用板手做的門把。

2017-08-10 16.43.31

The beer selection was decent, focusing on ales. 主要以艾爾為主。

2017-08-10 16.45.20

I tried the Blackberry bourbon ale, an aged fruit ale. The barrel age gave the fruit age more complex flavor than just regular fruit ales. 我試了黑莓波旁啤酒,一個桶陳的水果啤酒。桶陳使得這款比正常的水果啤酒味道更複雜。

2017-08-10 16.45.23

2017-08-10 16.52.27-1

2017-08-10 17.14.21

Done and ready to move on!

2017-08-10 17.16.07 HDR

2017-08-10 17.16.17 HDR

The symbolic red trucks.

After Red Truck Beer Company, we moved upwards on the Main St and headed for our second brewery: Brassneck Brewery.

接下來去下一個 Brassneck Brewery.

2017-08-10 17.23.12

Some street arts. 街頭傳單藝術。

2017-08-10 17.24.37 HDR

A street food truck parked in front of Brassneck. 酒廠前的街頭餐車。

Brassneck Brewery

The second stop of our Vancouver Brewery Hopping at Main St was Brassneck Brewery. It was easy to miss the entrance so pay attention of their small logos on the windows!

第二站是Brassneck Brewery。很容易錯過入口,所以在注意他們窗戶上的酒廠標誌!

2017-08-10 17.27.47

There was no sign, just logos on the windows. 酒廠只有窗戶上的酒廠標誌。

2017-08-10 17.28.09

Growlers! 加侖瓶。

2017-08-10 17.28.18

Inside Brassneck was first the growler section. The taproom was further at the left. 酒吧在左邊後面。

2017-08-10 17.28.26

Dawg on the roof!

2017-08-10 17.28.50

2017-08-10 17.29.26

I tried the top left “BJORN AGAIN”, a farmhouse ale brewed with Norwegian yeast. 我試了BJORN AGAIN農莊艾爾。這款特別在使用挪威的酵母。

2017-08-10 17.31.46

Some cold food. 冷食。

2017-08-10 17.31.57

2017-08-10 17.37.39

Fermentation tanks hidden behind the bar. 藏在吧檯後的發酵桶。

2017-08-10 17.38.02

2017-08-10 17.49.06

2017-08-10 17.32.30

BJORN AGAIN, a very nice farmhouse ale. Peppery, citrusy without the typical dirt taste. BJORN AGAIN很棒。有胡椒和橘子味但沒有一些農莊艾爾的土味。

2017-08-10 18.00.07

2017-08-10 18.01.55

2017-08-10 18.02.19

After having Brassneck, our tour of Vancouver Brewery Hopping at Main St continued uphill and was ready to cross over to the west side of Main St.

拜訪Brassneck後我們走去Main St的西區。

2017-08-10 18.04.08 HDR


2017-08-10 18.05.09 HDR

2017-08-10 18.05.56

Kingsway/Main St separation.

2017-08-10 18.08.09 HDR

Cool building at Main St’s west side.

2017-08-10 18.10.17

Continue to Part 2!

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