[ Almost Drunk! ] Vancouver Brewery Hopping at Main St Part 2 溫哥華Main St跳啤酒廠戰術之二 (中/英)

[ Almost Drunk! ] Vancouver Brewery Hopping at Main St Part 2 溫哥華Main St跳啤酒廠戰術之二 (中/英)

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Visited Breweries of Vancouver Brewery Hopping at Main St 拜訪的啤酒廠:

Red Truck Beer Company

Brassneck Brewery

33 Acres Brewing Company

Main Street Brewing Co.

33 Acres Brewing Company

After we crossed the Main St and to its west side, we visited the 3rd brewery of our Vancouver Brewery Hopping at Main St: 33 Acres Brewery Company.

在我們穿過主街到西側後,我們參觀了第三家啤酒廠:33 Acres Brewery Company.

2017-08-10 18.11.10 HDR

This brewery also didn’t have big signs, only small logos on the windows. 這個啤酒廠同樣沒有大的看板,只有窗戶上的小Logo.

2017-08-10 18.11.23-1

2017-08-10 18.12.13

There were lots of people there when we visited, and we had to wait in a queue. 在那時有很多人,所以我們必須在外面排隊。

2017-08-10 18.15.18

Simple Black-white design theme. 簡潔的黑字白底風格。

2017-08-10 18.16.25

2017-08-10 18.16.28

2017-08-10 18.18.42

Here every beer had the name “33 Acres of X”. I ordered “33 Acres of Nü”, a Kolsch India Pale Ale. Had the freshness of typical Kolsch with decently strong bitterness. Nice!

這裡每個啤酒的名字都是“33英畝的X”。我試了“33英畝的Nü”,一個Kolsch IPA。具有典型Kolsch的的新鮮果香/麥香同時有足夠的苦為。讚!

2017-08-10 18.19.09

2017-08-10 18.25.36


2017-08-10 18.27.41

There was also live performance in the brewery. 酒吧裡也有現場音樂表演。


After three breweries I started to feel a bit drunk. It was time to pause drinking and go get some food! I walked towards the waterfront and headed to a local chain, The Flying Pig.


2017-08-10 18.51.25

Passing Faculty Brewing CO., another cool brewery at the Main St’s west side. The brewery had the idea of sharing all brewing recipes to foster craft brewing. 經過Faculty Brewing CO.,另一個在Main St西側的一個很酷的釀酒廠。這家啤酒廠分享所有釀造食譜以促進更多人做精釀。

2017-08-10 20.04.48

2017-08-10 19.10.52

Cheese grilled cauliflower 起司焗烤花椰菜。

2017-08-10 19.26.35

Poutine + pork +veggie, typical Canada food 肉汁乾酪薯條+烤豬排+蔬菜,典型加拿大食物。

2017-08-10 19.59.39

2017-08-10 20.06.34 HDR

2017-08-10 20.15.57


2017-08-10 20.25.38

2017-08-10 20.27.47

Main Street Brewing Co.

Lastly we visit the last stop of our Vancouver Brewery Hopping at Main St: Main Street Brewing, back at the street’s east side.

最後我們回到Main St東區的最後一站:Main Street 啤酒廠。

2017-08-10 20.32.26

Again no clear sign this is a brewery. 再一次沒有明確的標誌表明這是一家啤酒廠。

2017-08-10 21.02.39

2017-08-10 20.32.56

2017-08-10 20.33.19

2017-08-10 20.33.25

2017-08-10 20.34.23


2017-08-10 20.34.33

2017-08-10 20.36.56

Some nice single-hopped beers that I didn’t have room to bring back 🙁 單一啤酒花系列。我行李沒有空間裝了…

2017-08-10 20.37.27

2017-08-10 20.39.11

I was pretty drunk at this time and couldn’t remember what I got… 我當時很醉了,不記得我點了哪一款…

2017-08-10 20.58.57

2017-08-10 21.16.00

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