[Announcement] Making a Multi-topics WordPress Website

[Announcement] Making a Multi-topics WordPress Website

Hi all. I’m planning to start a tutorial series for making a multi-topics WordPress Website.


Having a multi-topics website enables you/your company to build and manage content for different types of projects/products. Having abundant, useful content is important for organic web marketing, and can be much effective than paid advertisement.


Below are the topics I plan to cover in the tutorial. It is by no mean a complete list, and possibly more topics will be added in the future:

  • Introduction of the tools used (WordPress, Apache, Database, Bootstrap, etc).
  • Tools setup.
    • LAMP setup.
    • WordPress plugins setup.
  • Building custom homepage
    • Header.
    • Footer.
    • Sections.
    • Parallax.
    • Popup (Modal).
    • Simple graphics creation.
  • Building custom topics pages.
    • Using category.
    • Post page.
    • Popup post content.
  • Others:
    • Search page.
    • 404 not found.
    • Placeholder before content.
  • Web marketing:
    • Mailchimp newsletter setup.
    • Google Analytics

If you want additional topics in this series, feel free to leave a comment and let me know. Thanks!