Mid-West Beers + Georgia Creature Comforts Brewery Visit

Mid-West Beers + Georgia Creature Comforts Brewery Visit


During my recent US trip I was able to sample some nice beers from the mid-west: the Wisconsin state, and visited a really cool brewery at Athens, Georgia. I’d love to share this information for all the beer lovers : )

Chicago’s Goose Island

There was a Goose Island Brewery at Chicago’s airport. Here you could get their vintage ale on tap. Sweet!

2017-06-02 11.19.12

2017-06-02 10.53.16

2017-06-02 10.53.03

I tried their Sofie, a Belgium farmhouse ale. Very pronounced pepper smell.

Wisconsin Madison Beers

Wisconsin is a state in mid-west US. It also has a strong drinking culture, “ranks at or near the top of national measures of per-capita alcohol consumption, consumption of alcohol per state, and proportion of drinkers.”

2017-06-02 14.55.42

A local Irish pub we went to called Erin Snug.

2017-06-02 15.11.05

Wisconsin local brew sampler from New Glarus’ Spotted Cow, Capital’s amber and else. These breweries were older and so the beers were more traditional, not too much craft excitement.

2017-06-02 15.16.45

Fried cheese curd 起司凝塊, a very popular local cheese product. Wisconsin is one of the major milk product areas in the US.

2017-06-06 10.09.09

New Glarus’ Spotted Cow beer sold at airport. It was a farmhouse ale, having very strong earthy taste. Not my favorite but could be seen everywhere here.

2017-06-06 10.09.20

Karben4 Brewing‘s Fantasy Factory

I grabbed this beer at Target purely because of its awesome package. A classic American IPA.

2017-06-03 16.18.57

The designer must be very drunk when he/she came up with this label.

2017-06-03 16.19.18

2017-06-04 09.19.01

Great bars in downtown Madison

The capital of Wisconsin is Madison. Besides its pretty capital hall there were many great bars, like the Tipsy Cow we went.

2017-06-03 18.46.13 HDR

Madison city hall.

2017-06-03 22.51.25

City hall at night.

2017-06-03 18.56.12

Tipsy Cow, a popular bar at Madison.

Ale Asylum‘s Hopalicious

A classic American ale with Cascade hops, yet it claimed to add the hops in 11 successive additions . Much more  fragrance and sweetness compared to the classic Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

2017-06-05 20.16.20

Georgia’s Creature Comforts Brewery Tour

After mid-west we traveled to Georgia, an east coast state. Here we had the chance to visit a cool brewery in Athens, Georgia. The name was Creature Comforts Brewery, a very young brewery started in 2014.

2017-06-08 17.27.05 HDR


2017-06-08 17.27.24 HDR

There were many bulldog statues here. The bulldog is called “Uga” and is the mascot of the local university here.

2017-06-08 19.08.44

Creature Comforts Brewery building.

2017-06-08 19.05.59

Main entrance.

2017-06-08 17.28.36

2017-06-08 17.29.09

2017-06-08 17.29.04

Can you spot the cat?

2017-06-08 17.29.59-1

Creature Comforts brewery was built within an old tire distribution company.

2017-06-08 17.30.25

The local law actually prohibited brewery to directly sell you beers. Solution: you bought “coupons” and use them to exchange for beers.

2017-06-08 17.34.14

2017-06-08 17.34.27

2017-06-08 17.41.29 HDR

The glass you got here can be taken home.

2017-06-08 17.45.06

Rye amber ale with flowers.

Compared to old breweries like Anchor Brewery, The Creature Comforts brewery was very entrepreneur like, having shinny new stainless steel tanks here and there, packing every equipment and storage all together in one space.

2017-06-08 17.55.40

Fermentation tanks right next to where people sit and drink.

2017-06-08 18.04.35

Canning machines. Used to fight another weird local law: here you couldn’t bring glass bottle to public areas.

2017-06-08 18.04.37

The uber-enthusiastic guide.

2017-06-08 18.07.08

The main broth creation machines.

2017-06-08 18.15.09

Some schedules.

2017-06-08 18.15.22

The brewery’s motto.

2017-06-08 18.18.02

2017-06-08 18.19.46

2017-06-08 18.26.29

The experimental batches.

2017-06-08 18.26.59

Raw materials and packaging.

2017-06-08 18.27.12

Finished cans and barrels for aging.

2017-06-08 18.27.14


2017-06-08 18.27.42

The filtration machine.

2017-06-08 18.30.41


2017-06-08 18.30.53

2017-06-08 18.42.29

2017-06-08 18.44.43

As a US brewery is usually the meeting place for locals, here the brewery also supported local artists and displayed their works.

2017-06-08 18.44.50

2017-06-08 18.45.18

2017-06-08 18.53.43

2017-06-08 18.54.11

2017-06-08 19.05.44

2017-06-08 19.06.34

Local college football player statue at the brewery’s outside beer garden.

2017-06-08 19.06.49

Cool wall painting.

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