Sub Domain


A subdomain represents part of the main domain name. If the main domain name is:

Then subdomains will have a form of .For example:


Subdomains are commonly used to connect to other web applications on your host computer. For example:

  • Main site “” connects to the landing page of your main website application.
  • On your main website’s header, a “blog” button links to “” that connects to your blog post web application.
  • A “shop” button links to “” that connects to your online store web application.


  • Phone number extension: adding extensions to the main phone number enables caller to connect to company’s sub-divisions for different services (sales department for placing orders; service department for complaint; marketing department for product inquiries).

Common Examples:

  • blog.  : blog service
  • shop. : transaction service
  • wiki. , documentation. : documentation service
  • m. : mobile version