[Happy Chicken Year!] Fuller’s 2017 Chicken Year Gift Box

[Happy Chicken Year!] Fuller’s 2017 Chicken Year Gift Box

In lunar calendar, this year (2017) is the year of chicken. What can be more fun to celebrate the new year with Fuller’s Chicken Year gift box!

今年是雞年. 我們來享受富樂的雞年精釀啤酒禮盒吧!

Fillers chicken Year beers

About Fuller’s (關於富樂)

Fuller’s is one of the major family breweries in United Kingdom. They are based in London and their first brewery is at the side of the River Thames (hence their slogan “Brewed besides the Thames” on beer labels).

富樂是英國的一家私人啤酒廠. 其總部設在倫敦,且他們的第一個酒廠就在泰晤士河旁 (故其啤酒標籤都會印”在泰晤士河旁釀造”)

Fillers chicken Year beers

Chicken Year Box Content (禮盒內容)

The box contains one international standard sampling glass and two beers (500ml). The standard requires that the liquid surface just below the logo is 30ml.

禮盒裡有一個國際標準試飲杯和兩瓶啤酒 (500ml). 標準規定在杯子的商標下容量剛好是30ml.

Beer #1: Oliver’s Island Golden Ale (奧利佛島金黃艾爾)

Fillers chicken Year beers

Smell: Jasmin, honey, tea-like, green apple.

Acid/Bitterness/Sweetness scale: mild, mild, mild

Verdict: A delicate ale. Very decent and pleasant smell. Mouthful is more watery compared to the U.S. ales. A good choice when I want something light.

香味: 茉莉, 蜂蜜, 茶香, 綠蘋果

酸/苦/甜度 (1-5, 5 最強): 2,2,2

總結: 一款精緻的啤酒. 非常高雅舒適的香味. 口感跟美式艾爾比起來較淡. 一個好的淡酒選擇.

Fillers chicken Year beers

Beer #2: 170 Anniversary Celebration Ale (170年記念艾爾)

Fillers chicken Year beers

Smell: Hint of orange sweet, spice, wood, maple syrup

Acid/Bitterness/Sweetness scale: little, mild, medium

Verdict: A solid-body ale. Smell like a belgium ale but fresher (fresh-cut wood rather than old wood furniture). After orange peel-bitter taste. Truly unique.

香味: 一閃即逝的橘甜, 辛香料, 木頭, 楓糖

酸/苦/甜度 (1-5, 5 最強): 1,2,3

總結: 一款酒體飽滿的艾爾. 香味像比利時艾爾但較新鮮 (像新刨木屑, 不像陳年木家具). 吞下有橘啤苦味. 非常獨特的一款啤酒.

Fillers chicken Year beers

Fillers chicken Year beers