[Holiday Brew!] The Bruery & Anchor Christmas Ale

[Holiday Brew!] The Bruery & Anchor Christmas Ale

Autumn and Winter are holiday seasons in the U.S. At this time many breweries will produce beers specifically for celebrating holiday seasons.

Seasonal ales

The seasonal beers at this time usually include spices. The taste will be sweeter, less bitter, and flavor will be less citrus and more “woody”.

Seasonal ales

The Bruery’s Autumn Maple

The Bruery is a microbrewery based in Southern California, USA. It’s famous for making experimental beers. Their Autumn Maple is brewed with lots of yams, maple syrup and spices.Smell: Very aromatic. Banana, scented wood, cinnamon, apple.

Smell: Very aromatic. Banana, cinnamon, scented wood and apple.

Acid, Bitterness, Sweet Scale (scale of 1-5):  3,2,4

Flavor: spicy, malty, syrup

After Taste: Hint of caramelized bitterness.

Seasonal ales

Anchor Christmas Ale 2016 Edition

San Francisco’s Anchor Brewery brews and changes recipes for their Christmas Special Ale every year. They even select a different tree for their label every year. This year (2016) the tree is the Thousand Mile Tree.

Smell: Cinnamon, plum.

Acid, Bitterness, Sweet Scale (scale of 1-5):  2,3,3

Flavor: spice like cola. Malty. Porter-like bitterness but no chocolate/coffee flavor.