[New WordPress Series Announcement] Sythesizing Blog Posts

[New WordPress Series Announcement] Sythesizing Blog Posts

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Hi all, Alan here.

I want to announce a new wordpress tutorial series that I have been thinking/working on:

Synthesizing Blog Posts

This series addresses the following problems I found when writing blogs and visiting other blogging sites:

  • Valuable blog posts are hard to find with¬†wordpress’ chronological archiving system.
  • Bundling blog posts, like bundling pages into a book, makes knowledge in the posts more useful and searchable.
  • Visualization techniques (word clouds, maps) are better ways to organize posts and make them easier to find.

Synthesizing your blogs can potentially drive more traffic to your site, as it makes viewers easier to find valuable knowledge hidden in your posts.

An example is my Bike Route Map. It solves cyclist’s problem to immediately find bike routes of different difficulties and regions in Taiwan, a thing that I wish I had when I came back from the U.S..

Here are the tentative topics I want to cover:

Extending default post: Custom Post Type

This enables us to create custom posts with different meta data (eg: latitude, longitude) to display, search and organize.

Extending default post query: Custom WordPress Queries

This enables us to search with different criteria: latest posts, featured posts, most popular posts, etc.

Passing post data to JavaScript

Many visualization techniques are written in JavaScript. Thus knowing how we pass data from wordpress to JS enables us to use these visualization techniques to better organize our post content.

Visualization Techniques

We will introduce some commonly use visualization techniques like Google Maps API, and else.

If you have other topics that should fit into this series, let me know in the comments and I’ll look into them!