[WordPress SEO Basics #4] Fixing Site Structure

[WordPress SEO Basics #4] Fixing Site Structure


In last post we showed how to create SEO content for posts and pages. Here we show how to improve your site structure for better SEO ranking.

Why Fixing Site Structure?

Even though the website structure does not affect how the website looks, having a good website structure enables bots to easily understand and navigate your site.

The easier bots can understand and navigate your website, the easier they can index your site and the higher your website rank becomes.

Tool for Checking Your Site Structure

The W3 Validator is a nice tool to check your website structure. Simply entering your page’s url and it will tell you your site’s structure problems.

wordpress seo: w3 validator

W3 Validator page.

wordpress seo: html checker

Clean check results for my website.

Common Structure Issues to Fix

Here we show some common structure issues that require fixing:

1. Header Structure

The header hierarchy <h1>, <h2>… represents the relative priority of the content. A well structured header hierarchy clearly tells the bots what to focus.

Each webpage should have only one <h1> . Sections should have <h2>, and so on.

As the header tag has different default sizes, many new coders (including me) will use the wrong header for a proper display size. This should be fixed by switching to the right header and use CSS to fix the sizes.

2. Meta for Images

If you use your custom theme, make sure your images contain meta descriptions like the title and alt properties. You can specify these properties in the function the_post_thumbnail(...). For example:

When Writing Post…

When you write a post or a page, make sure to pay attention to the headings you use in the post.

The post template should use the <h1> tag for your post title, and in the editor sections should start with the <h2>, and so on.

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