[Taiwan Beer Tasting Event] HongKong’s Moonzen (門神) Brewery (中/英)

[Taiwan Beer Tasting Event] HongKong’s Moonzen (門神) Brewery (中/英)

About MoonZen (門神啤酒)

MoonZen Brewery is a microbrewery based in HongKong. It was founded in 2014 by a couple Laszlo & Wong Raphael. The word “MoonZen (門神)” means “door guardian gods” in Mandarin.

門神啤酒是一間香港的精釀啤酒廠, 由 Raphael 夫婦成立於2014.


Traditional Chinese door guardian.

What’s Special? 特別之處

They use lots of local Chinese ingredients into their beers. Their beer label design also features Chinese gods/goddesses.

門神啤酒用大量的中國在地原料釀造啤酒. 他們的啤酒標籤也採用中國神話/信仰的角色.

Moozen beer tasting

Beers Tasted

1. Dragon King — FuJian radler ale 海龍王柚蘇打艾爾

Moozen beer tasting

An ale brewed with FuJian’s pomelo soda. More fruit beer like than ales. A little bit artificial flavor smell though.

用福建蜜柚蘇打釀造的艾爾. 較像水果酒. 不過有一些香精味.

The label featured the Dragon King (海龍王), a Chinese god for rain. The word “Ming (閩)” is the old word for China’s FuJian Province (福建).

2. Thunder God Ale — Moonzen’s classics 雷公經典艾爾

Moozen beer tasting

Moonzen’s classic ale. Focusing on malts. The Thunder God (雷公) is the god for, well, thunders. Notice it is very different from the Japanese version RaiJin, with no drums and a more bird-like figure.

3. Monkey King Amber Ale — smells like peach 美猴王琥珀艾爾 – 水蜜桃香

Moozen beer tasting

The Monkey King Amber Ale has unique peach smell. The Monkey King (孫悟空) came from the famous Chinese classic Journey to the West, and is more famous at western culture by the Japanese anime Dragon Ball’s Son GoKu.

4. Jade Emperor IPA 玉帝英式IPA

Moozen beer tasting

A classic western IPA, more English than American. The Jade Emperor (玉帝) is the boss of Chinese gods, with typical Chinese man god features: white long beard, white long eyebrows and square hat (cf Kill Bill’s Master Pei Mei) .

5. DaiKoKu Red Bean Ale 大黑天紅豆艾爾

Moozen beer tasting

A collaboration with the Japan brewery Baird brewery, this ale is brewed with adzuki red beans (紅豆), a common ingredients for making sweets in Asia.

跟日本Baird 合作的酒款, 加入紅豆釀造.

The Japanese god DaiKoKu (大黑天) brings prosperity to households.

6. Moonzen Tibetan Saffron Tripel 西藏番紅花比利時啤酒

Moozen beer tasting

This beer is brewed with saffron, a prized flower spice. The beer has the nice rose color and flowery scent.


7. Moon Goddess Chocolate Stout 嫦娥巧克立司陶得

Moozen beer tasting

Moonzen’s chocolate stout. The Moon Goddess is commonly called “Chang’e” (嫦娥) and is usually associated with the mid-autumn festival.

8. Kitchen God Honey Porter 灶神蜂蜜波特

Moozen beer tasting

A porter brewed with honey. There is a lot of tales for the kitchen god. One of the interesting story is that the (male) god likes women, so his dad (the Jade Emperor) makes him to a kitchen god so he can be with women everyday (at the old days only women cook).

9. Yama SiChuan Porter — with SiChuan Pepper 閻羅王四川花椒波特

Moozen beer tasting

Good for spicy food pairing, this porter is brewed with SiChuan Pepper, a kind of pepper that causes numbness at the tongue. The Yama is the head of Chinese’s hell.

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