[ Best Airport Food Ever! ] Toronto Airport Mill St Brewery 多倫多機場磨坊街酒吧 (中/英)

[ Best Airport Food Ever! ] Toronto Airport Mill St Brewery 多倫多機場磨坊街酒吧 (中/英)

Toronto Airport Mill St Brewery

If you ever stop by in Toronto airport, you shouldn’t miss the airport branch of local Mill St. Brewery.


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Go After 11am 上午11點後再去

There’s a Toronto law that the pub can only sell beers after 11am, so if you are a morning beer person you have to wait. We went to the pub around 10:50am so we can catch our flight that boarded at 11:35am.


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Like Goose Island Brewery, Mill St Brewery is now owned by the mega beer company Anheuser-Busch InBev. Thus it was no longer considered as a “microbrewery”.

像Goose Island Brewery一樣,磨坊街啤酒廠現在由啤酒公司Anheuser-Busch InBev擁有。因此,它不再被視為“微型精釀啤酒廠”。

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Typical modern/old mixture interior design. 典型的現代/老式混合室內設計。

2017-08-03 10.59.12

2017-08-03 10.59.19

2017-08-03 10.59.33

I ordered a wheat IPA. The flavor was not as strong as the masterpiece like Stone’s Megawheat, but still quite refreshing.

我點了小麥IPA。風味並不如傑作像Stone’s Megawheat,但仍然相當清爽。

2017-08-03 11.13.51

Wheat IPA.

What really shines was the food. We ordered the Quebec specialty Poutine (fries with cheese curds and brown gravy. Our version had bacon and lettuce ), fried pickles and chicken wings. All were supreme!


2017-08-03 11.21.04

The three excellent appetizers we got at airport Mill St Brewery!  我們在磨坊街機場酒吧點的三個讚的開胃菜!

2017-08-03 11.35.02

Verdict 總結:

Airport Mill St Brewery was a great pub to go in Toronto airport. Although the beers were not top-notch, the combination of beers and food was excellent.


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