[Tutorial #23] Category Part 3: Adding Categories & Wrap Up

[Tutorial #23] Category Part 3: Adding Categories & Wrap Up


In this tutorial we will wrap up wordpress category by creating and configurating categories in the admin panel.

ACF for Categories

Using Advanced Custom Fields is the same as described in this tutorial with one difference.

Create a field group (like ‘Categories’). Add fields that will change based on the displayed category (here we change the “topic header” and “header image”). Now the Location¬†setting has to be Taxonomy Term is equal to Categories .

wp category ACF

ACF field group for categories. The Location setting is important.

Adding Categories

Go to Posts -> Categories and add the category name, description, and related ACF fields.

wp categories

Add category at left. Hit “Add New Category” button below and it’ll be added to the right.

Adding into Menu

Having the categories and category.php template, we can add the categories into our header menu. Go to Appearance -> Menus and select the header menu. On the left there is the Categories drop-down. Expand it and you can add categories you created.

wp menu categories

The Categories Menu items.