[ WordPress SEO Basics #1] Overview

[ WordPress SEO Basics #1] Overview


WordPress is by designed “SEO-friendly”, meaning many of its default settings are considered good by search engines.

Nevertheless, WordPress is only “SEO-friendly” for its structure. As SEO is mostly dependent on the site’s content, one still has to do a lot of customization and setup to make your site truly SEO optimized.

It’s like opening a restaurant. WordPress provides good foundations like lighting, wiring for holding a good restaurant, but still you the owner has to do a lot of work to truly create a good restaurant that customers will come and rate it high.

Here I want to share some SEO basics from my experience, in hope that my experience can serve as an outline for people to look through the vast SEO tutorials online.

Tool Used

I use Yoast SEO plugin, but many principles can be easily applied to other similar tools.

WP yoast site

WordPress SEO Basics Topics

I want to cover the following topics in this SEO basics post series. As SEO is a continuing effort, I will add more when I’ve implemented and tested new things on my site.

  1. SEO introduction.
  2. Adding SEO content at each post.
  3. Fixing site structure.
  4. Other settings & redirection.
  5. Sitemaps & Google’s Search Console.
  6. Loading performance.

If you have any other SEO topics you like me to explore, feel free to leave it at the comments!